2018 July 12 – Fairbanks to Talkeetna, AK (Part 2)

We drove the 15 miles of public road in Denali National Park, and stopped at the park’s dog kennel on the way back to the main highway.  From the park all the way to our cabin at the beginning of the spur road to Talkeetna we drove through the Alaska Range.  Consequently I was happily snapping photos of lovely mountains all day. At the Denali State Park south of Denali National Park (about 160 km or 100 miles) there is a good view point to see Denali’s south face.  We lingered there for quite awhile as the clouds slowly moved across the peak and finally got a shot of the northern peak clear of clouds. The big bright white cone on the left is a cloud covering Denali’s south peak. The north peak on the right side is free of clouds – for a few minutes.  Not very far before the turn-off to Talkeetna we saw a sign for the Alaska War Memorial.  I am always so thankful for the freedom I have enjoyed my entire life that was bought at the price of those men and women who have been willing to serve in the military – regardless of nation – that we always stop at memorials such as this.

The memorial was set in the middle of the woods and unless you took the time to turn off the highway and drive into the grounds you would never know it was there.   There were some very interesting placards at the visitor’s center at the memorial.  I didn’t photograph them all, but here are the one’s I did take pictures of.

John had rented a little cabin about a mile or so up the spur road to Talkeetna and we arrived about 7 o’clock.  The manager had been trying to call us to see if we were coming because it was getting so late, but we don’t have cell phone plans for the US so our phones are on airplane mode and he couldn’t reach us.  All was well though.  He hadn’t rented our spot to someone else.

We had stopped at a nearby roadhouse for some supper before going to the cabin.  Apparently they don’t impose ‘no smoking’ laws in out-of-the-way places in Alaska.  You could almost cut the air with a knife.  I managed to stay until I had eaten half of my burger (which was really good) before the smoke started to stir up my asthma.  I bundled my last few fries and half burger into my napkin and ate the rest outside.

After we had taken our luggage into the cabin we drove back to the Talkeetna spur road to Cubby’s Market and bought some bagels and fruit and yogurt for our breakfast.  The cabin had a full kitchen and check-out wasn’t until 11 so we planned on a slower start.  Anchorage is only about 2 1/2 hours drive away.  But, of course, it will take us much longer than that!

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