2012 March 25 – Day 14 – Cadiz (Seville), Spain – Day 2 (Part 1)

The drive from Cadiz to Seville took less than two hours since it was Sunday and there was not a lot of traffic.            Just in case it is raining when I come this way again???  Our tour was the Palaces of Seville.  These were not true palaces but ‘Palacio Casas;” which are very large homes owned by wealthy aristocrats.

The first was Casa de Pilantos, built in the 16th century with many design and architectural features from the 14th century.  The wall tiles were original 16th century.  It was a gorgeous mishmash of Arab, Neo-Gothic and Christian features. The craftsmanship displayed in these sculptures and decorative pillars is incredible.                                          Pretty nice ceiling tiles.

                 This is very much a Moorish style of tile walls.  The bougainvillea was stunning with the golden yellow garden wall. You can tell you are in a moderate climate when a sculpture like this reclining lady is on an open windowsill.

There was artwork, carvings and sculptures everywhere!                                              Another beautiful ceiling.

Much of the construction of this lovely home was done by Arabs under Christian domination so features of both faiths and cultures are incorporated into the dwelling.  A descendent of the original owner still lives in an apartment in the house.

This is a photo-heavy blog, but can you blame me?  So many beautiful colours, and designs, and gardens, and artwork, and, and, and….

Next palacio casa – next blog.

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