2011 March 4 – Day 58 – Sale to Cowes, Phillip Island, Australia

March 2 when we left Eden and before we did the Drummer Rainforest Walk we crossed the state border from New South Wales into Victoria, the most southerly state in the country.  We were still travelling the Princes Highway, more or less, with diversions here and there.  The Princes Highway goes from Sydney to Melbourne and cuts across the bottom bump of east Australia.  Our destination this day was Cowes, a small town on Phillip Island which is accessible to the mainland via a short bridge.  Before we left on our trip John had booked a time share week there in a holiday cabin.  To get to Phillip Island we had to leave the Princes Highway and go south from Traralgon as far as Albertson, then go west again on Highway B440.

The driving distance from Sale to Cowes is just over 200 km (125 miles) so we did not have to hurry.  We did have to check in before 5 though so there was a bit of a time limit on our wanderings.                     More of the burned forest from a few years before.

We drove through the Tarra-Bulga National Park as we went south and did the Tree Fern Gully Walk.  It had rained overnight so all the vegetation was a lovely green.  I love tree ferns. They are awesome.
                                Tree Ferns are awesome.                       Green moss, and plants and trees and roots.  The Tarra Falls are like a long slide down a rock face.  Almost impossible to photograph with the downward/crossways slope so I have done an awkward zigzag stitch.

At Albertson we turned west and drove along  the South Gippsland Highway (B440) to Welshpool where we decided to do the Agnes Falls loop road to see the tallest single drop falls in Victoria at 59 meters (194′). We were driving through beautiful green, rolling farmland with many dairy herds.  There was nothing to indicate a tall waterfall could be in the vicinity.  Then, all of sudden there was a deep, deep rock cliff gorge with a mulit-stream waterfall plunging down from a shallow pool.  About a 1/2 mile from the waterfall the gorge evens out to join the rolling hills again.  Very cool! You couldn’t see the entire drop due to the vegetation along the sides of the gorge, but it was a very pretty waterfall nonetheless.

A photo stop at Silcock’s Hill Lookout completed our touristing for the day. We arrived at the Bayview Apartments at 4:30 and checked in to our cabin.  There were only seven units and it was an older complex but it was quiet, very clean, and our place had just been reno’d with new paint, flooring, and furniture. We were the first occupants since the upgrades.

For the first time since January 3 we had to buy groceries for our dinner, cook and do the dishes!  That was a shock.

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