2011 February 26 – Day 52 – Wollongong to Bateman’s Bay, Australia

By the time we checked out of our hotel, found breakfast, and walked to a nearby mall to buy a new card reader suitable for both of my cameras and bought an Australian cell phone that we loaded with minutes to call home it was 11:30 and time to hit the road.

Not too far out of Wollongong we drove up Hill 60 to see the view.  The hill is a very popular hang gliding jump point and there were quite a few people enjoying the currents. There was a beautiful view of Wollongong beach.  Australia certainly has some gorgeous sandy beaches.We re-joined the highway south of Shell Harbour and drove to Kiama to see Blowhole Park.

After lunch at the park we decided to drive directly to Bateman’s Bay as it was getting late in the afternoon.

We did however make one detour seven kilometers toward the ocean to Lake Conjola; a salt water lake. There was a campground at Lake Conjola and some kangaroos were hopping about feeding on the grass. It was after 6 pm by the time we got to our hotel so we checked in, had dinner and spent the evening getting the phone and the card reader working before reading emails and sorting photographs.  We had a lovely sunny, warm, and interesting day.  The distance from Wollongong to Batemans Bay is 191 km (118 miles) and you can drive it in two and a half hours.  We did well.  It only took us 6 1/2.

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