2011 February 21 – Day 47 – Sydney, Australia (Day 1)

We arrived in Australia at last (well, technically we arrived the day before but that day was still part of the cruise we used to get there).  The first thing we did was waste $35 (AUS) and an hour of time by my taking the wrong bag from the cruise port to the hotel.  Thankfully part of the disembarkation paperwork included where you would be staying once you leave the ship so they sent a message along to the hotel that we needed to return the bag.  John took a taxi back to the port, exchanged bags and returned to the hotel.  We put our luggage in storage at the hotel (check-in wasn’t until 2:30 pm and it was only 10 am) and went for a walk.

Hyde Park was a block behind the hotel and the AnZac Memorial is located at the near end. We continued through Hyde Park to the Sandringham Garden. Then to Archibald Fountain

And finally to St. Mary’s Catherdral

A late lunch took us to check-in time at our hotel.  We re-sorted our luggage to thin it out some more so we would have less bags to drag around with us, and then went back out to find some groceries for breakfasts.  We also located the luggage storage place and the rental car agency so we knew where we would need to go when we left Sydney.  Dinner and early to bed rounded out our first day.

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