2011 January 28 – Day 24 – Viatape, Bora Bora, French Polynesia (Day 2)

Another day in the tropical paradise of Bora Bora.  Our tour was 2 1/2 hours long and we drove the 19 miles around the island.   Our first stop was an artisan shop where the ladies make pareos (tie-dye sarongs).  They have the process down to an art and every pareo is unique because they use different colour combinations of dye and lay different shapes on the cloth was it dries.  Very clever and very pretty.  Several ladies made purchases which pleased the island ladies a lot. Bora Bora has only one example of wildlife: the tupa crab.  Our driver stopped beside the road where a colony of the crabs live and he and our guide threw hibiscus blossoms on the ground.  These big crabs scuttled out of the holes in the ground as quick as could be and dragged the flowers inside as fast as they could. They are normally nocturnal, not leaving their holes until late at night to search for leaves and flowers to eat.   We drove past all 15 of the resorts on the tiny island and up the only hill for a beautiful view. The final stop was the famous Bloody Mary’s bar.  Many famous actors and authors have stopped here apparently.  The floor is a lovely white sand.  Since it was the end of the tour many people just stayed and had a drink. Once we got back to town we walked from one end of Viatape to the other before heading back to the ship. Sail-away was 5 pm and leaving was as lovely as arriving. We had a day at sea before our next port-of-call, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and the formal night theme was Tropical Paradise.   There is nothing half-hearted about Ketuk’s team of decorators for special nights.  They always do a superb job.

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