2017 Sept 1 Pagosa Springs, CO to Durango, CO

We had to check out of the Wyndam Resort at 10 am and it is 53 miles to Durango.  We managed to lengthen the drive by finding several geocaches along the way.

We had a different perspective of Chimney Rock and Companion Rock as we drove past on the north side. I always like old barns.While John went over to look for a cache across the road I stopped to take a photo of this young doe.Coming into Durango from the east you get a really good view of the big purple rock formation on the hill. We actually turned off before entering Durango and went a short distance down highway 550 south.  At a pullout on the hill there was a geocache and a great view. We stopped in Durango last February on our round-about way home from Escondido, CA.  I wanted to take the narrow-guage railway journey to Silverton but it was too early in the season.  Fortunately we can do it this time. The train station is a busy place.

As is the restaurant  where we made reservations for dinner.  We ate here last year and it was so good we came back again.We wandered up Main Street for a couple of blocks then turned down College St so we could get to the Animas River Walk. There was a geocache calling our names that we needed to find. Loved this tiny little one person kayak. After we found the cache we walked quite a few blocks up Main Street and took photos of the old buildings and historical signs. The Four Corners Motorcycle Rally is in town this weekend so there are Harleys, BMWs, Ducati’s, and tricked out trikes all over the place. On our walk we purchased tickets to tonight’s performance of a song/poem show about the emergence of The West.  It should be fun.

We have to get to bed right after the show because we have to be up and breakfasted and at the train station by 7:30 tomorrow morning.  We will be on the train all day; arriving back from Silverton at 5:15.  I suspect tomorrow’s blog will have plenty of scenery pictures.

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