2017 Aug 26 – Pagosa Springs, CO (Wyndam Resort)

Since we have been on the road for a week and putting lots of miles on my Poppy truck we took it easy our first day at the condo in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

It is quite a high elevation here (7,126′ compared to the 1,362′ we are at home) so we both were affected a bit by the altitude.  Just tiredness and a low-grade headache.  Nothing serious. But we were tired anyway from all the long driving days so we only took two walks – both to find a geocache hidden here on the resort.

We went one way in the afternoon: And the opposite way in the evening.  The cache was hidden in a very small vial near the trunk of a bushy young Blue Spruce tree.  Very prickly.  It was just growing it’s cones.  Which were also very prickly.It was about 7:30 Mountain time and the sun was setting.   This almost looks like a sunset rainbow.  The bright pink slash was very pretty.

After we found the cache and signed the log we walked over to the other side of the lake from where we walked this afternoon and photographed the sunset.  It was glorious.  We have decided that will most assuredly be a regular evening outing while we are here.   So, no exciting doings today.  We will see if we see some interesting things tomorrow as we have decided to have a geocaching day.  We will explore the hot springs and some of the other area points-of-interest later in the week.

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