2017 Feb 3 – Day 32 – Escondido, CA – Daley Ranch

It was a nice day today.  Overcast with a slight breeze.  We decided to take another trip out to Daley (pronounced Daily) Ranch and hike some more trails.  We left the condo at 11:30 and were on the trails before noon.  We returned to the truck 4 1/2 hours and almost 8 kilometers (5 miles) later.

The red line is where we walked the first time we were here.  The green line is today’s route.img_7175We found 15 caches and had one DNF (Did Not Find).  And we both logged our 1600th cache!

This house is across the road from the parking lot at the entrance to Daley Ranch.  You can even see vehicles parked in the lot.  Further photos will show how far from that house we hiked.  img_7092 img_7091 img_7096 img_7097 img_7100 img_7106 img_7108We made a slight error in direction and hiked .17 mile to the wrong intersection, which meant we had to hike back up the hill to take the correct fork.img_7108 img_7110Here is the house again, in the distance.  Not long after this we take a fork onto Coyote Run and head in another direction which puts the house behind the ridge.

These poor tiny ants have been working diligently to dam up the entrance to their nest since all the rain.img_7119 img_7116The recent rains have really done a number on a lot of the trails.img_7111 img_7113 img_7115img_7121                                                            Lunch break.img_7123Coyote Run trail joined Sage trail just a little below the water tower in the upper left of this photo.  We leave it in the distance as well as we turn the corner toward the ranch entrance.img_7124 img_7125 img_7127We were treated to some lovely views of east Escondido as we climbed.  The house at the parking lot is now behind the ridge on the far right.img_7139 img_7142 This section of trail leads all the way down to the East Valley Road off in the far left. We didn’t go that way.  The Ranch entrance and the truck was off to the right . img_7148 img_7153 img_7154 img_7158 img_7160If you look very hard you can make out the water tower in the far middle distance.  img_7162 img_7167  As we paused to find John’s 1600th cache a couple of nice horses came by.  I have found four caches more than John so I found my 1600th a little while earlier.img_7164 img_7165img_7166 img_7168It was a nice easy curve downward to the bottom, the truck, and a hot bath once we got to the condo.img_4244 img_7169 img_7170

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