2009 World Cruise – Jan 13 – Day 9 – Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

2009 World Cruise – After spending a day at sea we arrived in Puerto Quetzal,  Guatemala.  We had a 90 minute drive to Antiqua, a Colonial town that has beautiful, clear views of three volcanoes. img_2869_edited-1 img_2880The town was very clean, very charming old-Spanish-style.img_2883                                                                   Palace of Noblese

img_2884_edited-1img_2889_edited-1 img_2885_edited-1img_2899img_2892  We toured the beautiful baroque Iglesia de la Merced Church, arguably one of the most beautiful churches I have seen.  Of course, yellow is my favourite colour so it has bit of an edge going for it from the get go. img_2904 img_2906img_2908Lunch was at a five-star hotel that was a well-done blend of modern construction and incorporated ruins.

img_2894 img_2912img_2915 img_2917_edited-1 img_2924 img_2926This lady is working a back-strap loom; making one of the very colourful blankets or ponchos that are so popular with the locals and tourists.

img_2942 img_2945 img_2946 img_2936 img_2938 img_2940




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