2017 Jan. 8 – Day 6 – Ridgecrest, CA to Escondido, CA

We have arrived at our destination safe and sound.  We checked into the Lawrence Welk Resort at about 4 pm.  Today was pretty much just a drive day.  We only stopped to look for two geo-caches – found one, didn’t find the other.

The desert scrub and long straight roads changed to distant mountains and multi-lane freeways.

We pulled off the highway onto this dirt section to find a cache.  I often take photos (or pretend to take photos) while John picks up or replaces a cache, or is busy signing the log paper.  It is a distraction for any passing ‘muggles’ – non-geo-cache folks.

img_6780 img_6782 img_6784 img_6802 img_6804 img_6806 img_6810 img_6816I really don’t like busy freeways.  Today, being Sunday, the traffic through the San Bernardino area wasn’t too bad.  John, very kindly took the ring road around the city and drove about 10-15 miles east so we could take a quieter road through Hemet to Temecula.  This cut off about 25-30 miles of the freeway and took us through a new area.  There were a few too many stop lights for John’s liking but we passed through some very nice-looking agricultural lands.  We turned a corner after going through a bit of a rocky pass and a beautiful valley was spread out before us.

img_6821 img_6831 img_6839 img_6844There are a lot of rocks here.  One of the farmers had paths around all kinds of rock outcroppings in his fields.  The nice disc trails wound over and around and up and down navigating the rocks.img_6819When we got to Temecula we found a grocery store and stocked up on fresh fruits, veggies, meat, bread, etc.  We have learned to bring along some canned goods, pasta, rice, and other dry foods so we don’t have to buy everything and anything to make dinner.  We tend to eat in when we are staying at our time-share places.  We just make simple meals so we don’t need to get a lot of groceries; just the basics.

This nice palm tree-line drive led to the Temecula Four Seasons Hotel.img_6837We have been to the Lawrence Welk Resort before.  Last time our unit was down by the shops and the golf course.  This time we are up on the hillside.  We did a loop walk around the resort almost every day we were here before and walked past these buildings.  The unit is very nice.  We are on the top floor so have a nice view over the resort below.  It is a very nice one-bedroom place – we have two fireplaces; one in the living/dining area and one in the bedroom.  The kitchen has more cupboards than any condo we have stayed in before.  Usually we are shifting dishes and pots into stacks so we have somewhere to put our food.  Here, we have a pantry cupboard and lots of storage spaces in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

img_6845 img_6846 img_6847 img_6848 img_6849 img_6850 img_6851 img_6853 img_6854So.  Here we are for the next four weeks.  Tomorrow will be a do-nothing day.  We probably won’t leave the condo except to go for a walk.  Blogs will only be posted on days we do something or go somewhere. And, I make no promises as to how often that will occur.

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