2017 Aug 7 – Day 4 – Anahim Lake – Charlotte’s Web Trail

We were up a bit earlier this morning and were driving out of the resort at 9:45.  We stopped at the General Store for some cough syrup, Hall’s cough drops and a roll of duct tape to use to do some first aid on the cache containers if required.  Turned out that the containers on today’s trail were not the same pill bottle with a wire taped to it for hanging that we encountered yesterday.  We will keep the tape in our growing geo-cache kit; which now includes first aid supplies, tweezers, a long fine grabbing tool, paper, pens, some SWAG trinkets, a small roll of wire, some small containers, sun screen, bug repellent and a few other things.

Today’s trail, named Charlotte’s Web, began on Hooch Road which branches off Highway 20 about 7 km east of Nimpo Lake, which is 17 km east of Anahim Lake.  We found a cache at a turn-off that was the wrong one, then found a cache at the correct turn-off and commenced the Charlotte’s Web Trail at 10:45.  There are 130 caches hidden along this back road.  Hooch Road connects with the Charlotte Lake Road which then connects to the Beef Trail Road – hence the ‘Web.’

IMG_4142The horse herd that we saw as we drove back to the resort last night was out to greet us again this morning.IMG_4144 IMG_4145IMG_4174

This is the cache container we found all day.  There were only about five that were not like this.







We found the first 20 caches  by 11:50,  the next 20 by 12:50, had our PB&J sandwich lunch at 1:20, logged 60 caches at 2:00 pm, 80 at 2:50, 90 at 3:20, 100 at 3:50, and the last one at 5:40.  Cache #127 caused a significant delay in the program.  It was hidden ‘over head’ in a near-by tree. We looked up and down every roadside tree for about 20 meters without success and after over half a hour we gave up and made up a new cache and hung it ‘over head’ in the tree where our GPS kept leading us too.IMG_2744This area has also had a very wet summer. They usually get a lot of rain but it has rained a significant amount almost every day.  The big flower pots at the resort entrance have about 2″ of water on the top.  It began to rain as we drove down Highway 20 but stopped as we began our search and we had a very nice day.  Thick grey clouds passed overhead a couple of time but just kept on moving without soaking us first.IMG_4147However all this rain has created small streams on both sides of the road and several areas of the forest were like a marsh, just saturated with water.  This forced us to do a lot of puddle jumping today as all the caches were hidden in the trees or under rocks on the other side of the ditches.IMG_4150 IMG_4151 IMG_4152 IMG_4153 IMG_4154 IMG_4156IMG_4159IMG_4164The scenery was pretty much the same as yesterday – forest and occasional marsh ponds.  We saw a couple of tiny frogs, a nice butterfly and no other critters.  The Indian Paint Brush flowers up here are either pink or red, not the orange ones we have at home.IMG_4166 IMG_4169 IMG_4173 IMG_2749 IMG_4178

A second herd of free-range horses, many of them with foals watched us go by on our way back to the resort.IMG_4181 IMG_4186During dinner the sky turned a deep steel grey creating a nice effect on the lake.  There are over 360 pairs of mating pelicans that live at Anahim Lake and one of the large birds swam by.IMG_4188 IMG_4189 IMG_4192All in all it was a pretty successful day.  Our highest geo-cache count to date – 132 caches found.  Tomorrow we start the Beef Trail Road with it’s 140 caches. Wish us luck


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