2016 Jan 11 – Day 1 – California and Beyond

JANUARY 11, 2016 – DAY 1 – Home to Omak, WA

Here we are again; on the road once more.  We are heading down to southern California where we will spend three weeks in a time share at Carlsbad, just north of San Diego.  Because we don’t drive the Interstate (unless completely unavoidable), and we don’t drive 10-12 hours a day it will take us five days to get there.  We prefer to take our time along the route and see some sights.

We left home this morning a little later than planned but…who cares?  Not us.  It was almost 11:30 by the time we got on the road.  We drove south on BC Highway 97 which is a very familiar road to us so I had to remind myself to take some photos to put in this blog.

We did try find a couple of geo-caches but the wind was blowing and cold, there was quite a bit of traffic near the sites we stopped and we had no luck.  It was about 3:30 and we were not across the border yet so we quit stopping and concentrated on driving.  Well, John concentrated on driving.  I read my book and did my word puzzles.



I just managed to snap a picture of this vine hanging on a power line in an orchard.  It created a huge Sasquatch-like shape.


Bye, bye Canada – for awhile.


We entered the city of Omak at 4:30. We had planned to make our first stop at Ephrata, which is about 100 miles further down the road, but John felt like stopping so we pulled into the Best Western and checked in for the night.

Therefore, nothing very exciting happened on Day 1.  Except we are heading south!  Away from the winter.  Our entire trip will be about 6-7 weeks because after we leave Carlsbad on Feb. 6 we are driving across California (with stops at Joshua Tree National Park and Death Valley), across Arizona (stopping at Petrified Forest National Park) and into New Mexico to look around (I am working on John to drive to SE New Mexico so I can tour the Carlsbad Caverns – no commitment as yet).  We have never been to NM, nor have we been in Colorado.  We will be heading north through that state and into South and North Dakota to cross back into Canada in Saskatchewan where we will head west toward home; stopping a few times along the way to visit various family members.

That’s the plan folks.  Always subject to change of course, but we have managed to stay on course for Day 1.

One thought on “2016 Jan 11 – Day 1 – California and Beyond”

  1. Wow! I have been waiting for another travel trip tale! Thank you for posting the photos of Hwy 97…loved the memories! I love that you share the places that you have not been…because in my mind…you have been everywhere! Looking forward to Day 2.


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