2014 Trip to Oman – Days 23 & 24 – Jan 7 & 8 Doing Nothing

I didn’t write a blog yesterday.  We did not leave the villa. Carrie and Joseph both worked all day (well, Carrie did take a mid-afternoon break to play a couple of games of Cozumel).  I did some laundry and watered the palm tree that is outside the wall and often gets forgotten.  John cleaned the dirt from the track the car gate slides on and used some of Carrie’s olive oil on it so it wouldn’t make so much noise everytime it opened and closed.We played cards in the evening (Joseph finally won a game of “Oh Crap.”).  We all, except Joseph, went to bed about 10.  He was working on a report and stayed up until after 11.

Today is basically a repeat of yesterday’s doing nothing.  Carrie had yoga class this morning then she met up with Joseph near his office and they had lunch together.  On her way home she picked up what I am sure she hopes will be the last groceries needed before we leave. She arrived home just as I was just about to lose a game of Empire Builders to John.  I almost had him to.  One more move.  Oh well.  Next time.  Maybe.  My ratio of wins on the various railway building games we play is 7 loses per one win.  Abyssmal!

We have three more days in Oman before the long, long, long flight home.  Just as Trish was supposed to do if her flight hadn’t been delayed, we leave Muscat for Dubai at 5 am, have about a three and a half hour layover then fly 15 hours direct to Seattle.  I really, really hope we don’t run into the troubles Trish had.  The good thing in our case is we don’t HAVE to be home for anything specific so if we get delayed or re-routed it will just be annoying and won’t be interfering with work or other important appointments.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Joseph’s weekend and we do have some plans to do something.  Perhaps there will be a more interesting blog tomorrow….

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