2014 Trip to Oman – Day 11 – Dec 26 Boxing Day (well, in Canada it is)

After everyone was up and breakfast was over Joseph drove us to another beach to have an outdoor excursion.  The Hyatt Regency Hotel is along the beach, as are many of the International Embassys.  There were a few clouds in the sky, a slight breeze beside the water and lovely packed sand to stroll on. Joseph, Carrie, Trish and John, headed off at a brisk pace.  I lingered behind taking some photos and after awhile John returned and walked along with me.  It is obviously a popular walking and playing area as there were quite a few people – both Arab and European – wading in the water and sitting up on the grass. Two four-wheel drive trucks were being used to haul in a fishing net.  It was quite a process.  The net’s guide line would be tied to the front of the truck.  It would back up, pulling in the net, then drive forward to the water’s edge and the line on the net would be untied. Then the driver would move the truck over to a fresh sand spot and the net line would be re-tied at the new, shorter level.  The truck would back up again, thus drawing in the net several meters further.  The two trucks were connected to the two ends of the net forming a huge semi-circle that got smaller and smaller as the trucks moved closer and closer together pulling it in.  There was a series of parallelling tire tracks stretching quite a distance along the beach outward from each of the trucks that showed how wide apart they were when they started bringing in the net. We were on our return walk along the beach when the net was drawn in close enough for the men to wade into the water and gather the net.  The birds circled and dove, trying get some fish but it was in a bag at the back of the net and I didn’t see any birds lift off with a fish.  It was a very interesting process and many people gathered on the beach to watch the men gather the net. There was a truck parked further along the beach that had a large cooling unit on the back in preparation for the day’s catch. Joseph and Trish both wanted coffee so a detour to the Costa Coffee Shop was in order before going back to the villa for lunch and games.



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