2014 Trip to Oman – Day 2 – Dec 17

Today was a quiet day.  Joseph and Carrie went for their morning walk before he left for work.  Trish woke up at 5:30 and turned the coffee on, then enjoyed her first dose of caffeine while reading on her private balcony.  I got up at 7:30 and sliced up all the fresh fruit we bought yesterday before making myself some breakfast.  John slept the longest – lucky fellow.

The morning was spent with all four of us on computers/phones doing whatever it is we all do.  I do know Carrie worked on her ArtistThink website.  She has been posting creativity inspiring articles and interviews with artists and educators for a few years and is now branching out to create an online creativity-course. Trish kept an eye on the sunshine streaming through the window at the top of the stairs to the roof and when it looked high enough in the sky she settled in for some tunes and rays.The neighbourhood looks pretty good from up on the roof.After lunch Carrie, John and Trish went to a different mall to buy bread and a few items to make Christmas cookies.  I stayed at the villa and wrapped all the presents we had brought from home.  More work for Carrie – trying to set up a telephone number online for her new business.  This is not easy to do for an American registered company when she lives in Oman.  Three and a half hours later she was successful.

Joseph leaves the house about 8:30 or so each morning and gets home between 6:30 and 8 pm depending on work and traffic. (Oman has crazy traffic.  Normal rules of the road are universally treated as suggestions – even stop signs.)  He grilled the steaks when he got home and dinner and dishes were finished about 8.  The game we started last night was played until 10 and then everyone was off to bed.  This type of routine will be quite common while we are here; interspersed with some days of sightseeing and activity.  Tomorrow is a travel day.

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