2014 Oct 10 – Day 113 – Osoyoos, BC to Salmon Arm, BC

Today was the last leg of our journey.  We arrived home after 16 weeks and 25,165 km.  It was a beautiful sunny day for our drive through the Okanagan Valley.

Osoyoos, where we spent last night is a favorite wintering spot for folks from northern Alberta and BC, and from farmers escaping the winters of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The place is packed with RVs and Motor Homes all winter long.  It is also the heart of wine country with vineyard after vineyard after vineyard – and lots of orchards.

IMG_2420 - Copy IMG_2429 - Copy IMG_2435 - Copy IMG_2438 - Copy IMG_2441 - Copy IMG_2443 - CopyOsoyoos is only 3 1/2 hours from Salmon Arm.  We made a short stop at Costco in Kelowna  and drove in the driveway at 2:15.

We have been over this road in whole or in part many times over the years but today I took the time to take some photos for my last blog.

IMG_2451 - Copy IMG_2455 - Copy IMG_2459 - Copy IMG_2462 - Copy IMG_2465 - Copy IMG_2469 - Copy IMG_2471 - Copy IMG_2473 - CopyKelowna                                                                Oyama

We even stopped at the viewpoint south of Vernon overlooking the Coldstream Valley; a place we have driven by hundreds of times.

IMG_2503 - Copy IMG_2504 - CopyFrom Vernon we left the dry land and drove through the fertile Spallumcheen Valley to Enderby.

IMG_2508 - Copy IMG_2515 - CopyA half hour later we were home – to over three months of mail, 45 missed phone calls, 17 messages since I last checked them, overgrown shrubs and hedges, weedy flowerbeds, appointments, meetings and schedules.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.

IMG_2519 - Copy IMG_2520 - Copy IMG_2521 - Copy

PS.  My two favorite signs.   IMG_4546 IMG_2393   Make that three:  We never figured out what this one meant.  There was no roundabout up ahead.    IMG_9944I’ve had fun writing this blog.  I hope you have enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for sharing the journey.    Janet and John

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