2009 Aug 26-30 – Days 1-5 – Home to Victoria, BC

The first ‘long’ road trip we took after we retired was a trip down the Washington – Oregon coast.  We had known for years it was a lovely drive and a must-see.  We began our trip with a one week time-share stay in one of our very favourite cities; Victoria, BC.  John and I used to say, many years ago, that if we ever had to leave our home in south central British Columbia we would move to Victoria.  The climate is mild, the scenery is beautiful, and the city still has the old-English charm from back in the day.  We have been to Victoria many times but always love to go back.

We drove down to the Vancouver area and spent the night before taking the 1 1/2 hour ferry ride from Tsawwassen (pronounced Twasen – you combine the T and W as in twirl) to Schwartz Bay, which is about a half-hour drive from Victoria.
 During the ferry crossing we saw a couple of Killer Whales in one of the coastal inlets.  They didn’t seem bothered by the other ferry. Most of our days in Victoria were leisurely and we took quite a few walks along the beautiful Inner Harbour with the Empress Hotel. This “Copper Cowgirl” live statue was excellent.  She held each of her poses for many minutes and was very engaging to watch.

We were staying in Rose Cottage, a few blocks behind the BC Parliament Buildings and an easy walk to Beacon Hill Park.  We had been here years ago when we visited my grandparents in Victoria but had never spent much time wandering around.  I was happy to see all the cute animals in the kid’s petting zoo. The flower gardens were gorgeous. We walked most places during our stay and passed the Parliament Buildings on several occasions.  It is a great place to people watch. Since this trip was taken almost 8 years ago I don’t promise to be able to remember the names of all the lighthouses or coves along the coast, but I will do my best to relate the trip as accurately as I can.  We were gone three weeks so even if I lump a few days together as I did with this blog there will be a few for you to read.  Hope you enjoy the trip.  We had great weather and a great time.  But, then, John and I always have a great time when we travel.

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